NASA privacy JPL Earth Solar Star Galaxy Technology NASA seaflux seaflux JPL Caltech Contact Seaflux from Space is an information system designed to devise, display, and disseminate spacebased ocean-atmosphere fluxes of momentum, heat and water.

QuikSCAT winds

Seaflux provides, at near-real-time, twice-daily maps of ocean surface winds over global oceans, derived from the observations by the scatterometer SeaWinds on space mission QuikSCAT, of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). From these maps, emerging marine weather systems can be monitored. Improved scientific products will be available in delayed mode.

The twice daily gridded wind u and v components over global ocean are available online.

You may also browse wind field images created routinely to present:
image Quikscat wind streamlines for Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans  image Quikscat wind zonal, meridional components and wind speed over global ocean surface